Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"From BK W/Love!" -Have You Joined Yet?

Hi, I'm Stephanie O'Conner. I use to be a long time resident of Harlem when I first moved to NYC from my hometown of Wy (as in "Why was I living there to begin with?") -oming. I swore Uptown was IT for me, till thankfully the Minority Report (plus gentrification and rising rent) opened my eyes to the wonderful possibilities of living in Brooklyn! I'm digging the men out there, born and bred with swagger to boot. I don't know how I even considered living elsewhere. I had to slap myself, not because I need a V8, but for not realizing Brooklyn was the only borough I ought to be moving to from DAY ONE (not DAY 26 the group...who's album will be dropping soon)! Now in just over 8 months living in BK I have more "real" friends than I do on Facebook! AND I'm the first one to raise my hand proudly, whenever the DJ asks "Is Brooklyn in the house?!?" Oh HELL yeah "We right here!" Join "the Bridge Is Over" group on Facebook like I did (click here) and start changing your life NOW losers! No, just joking you're not a loser. Are you? Then join.

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