Friday, March 27, 2009

"Flashing Lights" Paparazzi Pics (Pt.138)

Ummm was this some early April Fool's joke that was being played? Cause after waiting for a good 45 mins to get in, damn near EVERYONE on line was told that their name was NOT on the list! Folks that were cutting the line to get in first, was cut from getting in all together! Not one to take "NO!" for an answer. I found a lucky link to get in...on the red carpet at that! Young Lord (Ernie Gaines' super producer) came through in the clutch, to save Tiff (Butch Diva) and I from disappointment and making it an early night. Once inside, there was no REAL excitement other then the open bar. Steph O'Con made it inside already and so we just made the best of things dance to whatever seemed catchy. After Keri arrived seems like the party made a bee line to the vip area she was posted up at! Once that happened, what little vibe that WAS going on, was gone! And so was we! D-Nice spun Ernie's single "So Sorry" and so was we that we were so pressed to come out. Uno!

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