Thursday, March 26, 2009

"My Girl Likes To Party ALL the Time!" -Lovin' the Club...Literally!

As the weather gets better, and Spring has been fully sprung, sometimes tensions in relationships worsen and one starts to notice a sudden change in behavior. One may begin to wonder..."Is she see someone else?" Not that this has happen to me (or maybe it has, who knows). Well here's advice on what could be going on, It may not be another GUY but actual "the Club!" So fellas, please don't let this is "wake up call" go to voice mail. Lol. Read along the clues that your boo maybe "Lovin' the Club."

1) She knows the names and addresses of EVERY club/bar/lounge in town by heart, and can remember the other three names the club used to go alphabetical order!

2) She wears VIP armbands as bracelets and hand stamps like tattoos.

3) She gets "shout-outs" from the DJ whenever you walk in to any club.

4) She has all party promoters in her top 5 cell numbers.

5) Receives cheek kisses from the bouncers, the cashier, the coat check girl, the promoters, the bartenders, the DJ, the owner AND the damn rest room attendants, yet NEVER worked there.

6)Frequents after work parties, but barely even works!

7) You only "date" between the hours of 5am to 8am.

8) You one day notice a group of off duty cabbies pointing and snickering, as you walk pass with her arm in arm.

9) She bought eye contacts the same color of Hpnotiq.

10) She carries around in her purse an array of wristbands, just to sneak into VIP.

11) Her daughter's name is Alize', and the twin are called Gin & Juice.

12) Her work clothes look damn near like her club clothes!

13) At least 5 of your good friends you know claim that they've taken her home after just meeting over breakfast after a night of partying, hence the secret nick name "Diner Vagina"

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La Femme said...

HAHAHA! I love it! Those type of girls I call "Kwandikas"

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"