Monday, March 30, 2009

"To Aries Is Human" -This Wed. (April Fool's Day) Will Be CoCoBananas!

Okay I KNOW you're staring at these to images like "What?!" But think hard enough and it could only mean one thing...Yep, If you said another edition of "CoCo

- the Aries celebration, you're God damn right! What starting at APT in the city, and has since moved home to Brooklyn, it's has already become a staple on the night life scene as a place for folks sharing the same sign, to celebrate a B'day. Every first Wed. like clock work, you now know where it's at if you need a space to host an event for a loved one's born day...or even yours!

April 1st-(Every 1st Weds./Monthly Horoscope Party)
"CoCoBananas" presented by
Guts, Butch Diva, The Minority Report, HHH
Deity -368 Atlantic Ave. near Bond St.
Music by Hard Hitting Harry and the Ahficionados

Got a B'day coming? Plan ahead!
May 6th, June 3rd, July 1st, Aug. 5th, Sept. 2nd, Oct. 7th, Nov. 4th, Dec. 2nd

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