Friday, March 6, 2009

"Getitup, Get It, Get It, Getitup!"-First Saturday Social

It NEVER fails. Damn near EVERY first Saturday after the target event at the Brooklyn Museum lets out 'round 11pm, folks start to hit me up w/the "So what's poppin' off tonight?" question. I usually reply with my patented smirk and say "Hopefully one of these fine ladies in here tops!" with the Morris Day laugh. Just joking. However this weekend I have a great answer for them this time. We're having an unofficial after party, and paying homage to all great NYC artists that still gets crowds moving. From MJB to Busta, Mobb Depp to M.O.P. Jay-Z to B.I.G. from Tribe to Fugees etc etc.

"On My NY $#it!" -after Target's First Saturday
@ Autour Du Monde - 860 Fulton St. near Clinton Ave.
Music by the Ahficionados
Hosted by the Minority Report
FREE! NO cover

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