Monday, March 2, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.133)

I never knew I hung we so many "fishy" people in my social circle! Thurs. & Fri. I had the honor of attending two back to back Pisces parties that was really good events! The one Thursday was held at the weekly R&B only event at Katra, where Gina (G'Ski) of Tamboril decided to have her B'day bash. It was a nice turn out, and even some back up dancers (from whatever group was in town at the moment) came out to heat up the dance floor. Then on to Friday night, for what was SUPPOSE to be a surprise b'day for Stephanie O'Conner wound up being a friends reunion/ birthday get together, no thanks to the "bright" person that ruined the "surprise" part of it (which is the POINT of it). Anyways we made the most and the best of it, and partied HARD regardless! Folks made it out early enough to enjoy the art exhibit/dinner for Ryan "OINK" Dennie we held (which was a plus), besides the sound selections of guest DJ Melo-X. Another Hit! Remember we do this EVERY last Fri. of the month! So you'll have to wait another whole month if you missed it. Till then sit back and enjoy the pics.


SwedishfishProduction said...

is there any pictures out there of me where i don't have that poisonous beverage in my hand on my bday?

Conner said...

Despite the lack luster surprise element to the party it was stil my best birthday party by far!

MUCH love to you Al for putting this all together & quiet stealthfully @ that. ;) I see how sneaky you are now.. I got my eye on you ;)

I would also like to thank Wayne, Reg, Deffrei, Lita, Davida, Isis & Melanie for helping with the organization & entertainment (and keeping the surprise almost all the way to the end) As well as everyone else who came out to show love!


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