Monday, March 30, 2009

"Build A (Brooklyn) Bridge & Get Over It!" -BK Pride Month Starts NOW!

Now it's NO great mystery that I call Brooklyn home. Not only do i live in it, I live FOR it! I do EVERYTHING all within the borough except vacation here. And I may start even doing that, if this economy gets worse (lol). Feel me? Anyway, a collective group of friends and associates, like minds, and forward thinkers as well as myself, have gotten together to form a Facebook group an start a campaign called "the Bridge Is Over!" promoting BK pride, networking, and a better social line as well as on. Pushing for $ to be spend in our communities not somewhere over the bridge. There's NOTHING in Brooklyn you can't do, and NOTHING folks who love it (from here or not) can't do either! BK STAND UP! The revolution will be on-line! Click here to join us. April 1st the begins.

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