Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Brunch Hour 1" -You Forkin' Right It's ON!

Okay folks, here's some more info on that brunch movement we're gearing up for on Sunday the 26th (Oct.) It's shaping up to be BIGGER than expected, based on the feedback that we've been receiving, besides the buzz in the streets. Have your handi-wipes on stand by people. BK stand the FORK UP!

the last
Sunday of the month
Sun. Oct. 26th
"Brunch @ Harriet's"
aka "the Breakfast Club"
Harriet's Alter Ego -293 Flatbush Ave. near 7th ave.
Fixed menu $ +Special Vegan menu
Catering by Love Ya Like Cooked Food
Hosted by the Stylistics Agency & the Minority Report
Music by
the Ahficionados
New artist Ernie Gaines listening session starting 1pm sharp!
Live acoustic performance by the Jeese Boykins III singing his hits & some classics.
RSVP; for mo' info (subject: grub)

Read what folks have said so far;

said...I'm down, especially since I'm less likely to go out in the evenings when it starts getting dark and cold. Kid-friendly and conscious crowd is a draw for us mamas. A little more detail on cost, time, location would be helpful...

Miss Noni Shanay
said...Of course I'd go, love that sort of thing, I'd rather do that then a nightclub. No offense to the parents but I wouldn't go to one that had kids at it...crying babies, screaming/running around kids, good music, drinks & food aren't a great mix in nightlife.

said...This sounds like a fun idea! I love brunch-time! Perfect excuse to drink during daylight!

said...Ahhh, loving the idea! Al, you always bring together the hottest crowd in Brooklyn. Hail to the Renaissance, BK! I'm down.

said...some public cocooning..i can do that too!

said...I'm SO up for this. Something nice and lazy that could segway into early evening...with a fireplace? Or is that too dangerous?

J Brook
said...You know U have my support! Music & food, I'm there LOL!

said...I have short New York attention span.... where are we going? brunch? music? drinks? hell ya.... BK? I live in city so gimme time. I'm down. lol ;)

said...I am a vegetarian! Wish there were more healthy choices. it's always fried this and fried that. Our people suffer from diabetes and a whole host of ailments brought on by poor eating habits: hypertension, heart attacks, obesity. Come on let's get with it. There are some great places opening up in the hood.

said...Definitely a great idea. I'm in there!

said...I would love this! Let me know when more details comes in.

said...count me in on this.

said...I LOVE this idea! As I am a Brunch- aholic, I go to the Den at least once or twice a month. Even better if there is all you can drink mimosas. And even better if it is in Harlem!I can't say I would travel to BK on a Sunday morning or afternoon...

Amenan said...PLEASE make this happen! I would absolutely LOVE it.

Martha Banks said...I would pay up to $25 if it's all you can drink and the food size - plated entree and / or brunch are healthy portions.
Actually tack on tax and tip that could be a bit much but I would say tax and tip included up to $28 but would prefer $26. LOL!


Rasu said...

Rasu said "I'm Hungry"!

Heavenly Glory said...

yyuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait put syyrruuuuup all over my waffles...*cabbage patch* lol

Munira said...

Al, me and food go way back.. why you ain't invite me yet?

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"