Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.100)

I don't know, but lately I been trying to get in touch w/ my inner Hispanic (my Pop's IS from Panama ya know) Recently Stephanie O'C "Steph Con 4" and I attended this Malibu event Eric (of Eric & Luck fame) invited me too. Malibu had the spot (Hiro Ballroom) laced out in a really nice Carnival theme look. Dancers, palm trees, swinging girls, drummers and all, helped create the mood...to get drunk off of free drinks that is. I didn't understand not one record being played, but again...FREE drinks! Lol. Left from there NICE and headed over to the Rivington hotel for Marc Rashad's B'day hosted by Mashonda (singer/Swiss's wifey). Dope little spot perfect for just that...birthdays. Wanted to take a flick like Chef Lowe did with DMC but he said he had to "Run"...get it? Run...DMC...Awww forget it. Just stick to looking at the pics.

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Conner said...

Good Time with GREAT company!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"