Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Frank N' Scents" -Notorious Marketing Done B.I.G.

Boy, they're REALLY going hard trying to promote this Biggie bio that's a about to be release next year. Ralph even jumped on board to give his "fashionistic" input, for a different perspective promotional wise. Only told by Diddy to capture "Frank White's" essence in a fragrance, and the title "Notorious," here's Ralph's thoughts on his approach.

"I originally thought, what would or did the late Mr. Wallace smell like after a four song set under hot lights in a full suit? Or better yet, a night of lustful sex w/his numerous groupies or whats-her-face...that Lil' Kim young lady? Then I heard a line from 2Pac stating that Biggie once slept on his couch at one time or another. And thought of going in that direction for the smell we were seeking. Then it hit me, what was his passions? Money, weed, and good vagina, and BOOM! You have "Notorious" my friend! Come, take a wiff."

Ya see, I'm a fan of Ralph Lauren but ummm...I'll past on this one.

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