Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.95)

So I get an e-mail just the other day, a little bit before the "Sew Far, Soul Good!" -cocktail event (Fri. Sept. 26th @ the Pink room w/ Keistar Prod.) from someone named "Guerre" requesting a press pass to get access to cover the event. Now usually I disregard these messages, cause it normally is just some free loader "press"-ing me to get in for free. But I had done my research and found this guy (from Swagger 360) to be legit. Being that we had only spoke via e-mail, I had NO idea of his appearance. that's until I got a request from him to take my photo and a card that I put two and two together. Long story short here's his take on the event from his camera's perspective...Pretty dope shots I must say. *Btw If you DID NOT attend the fab soiree', two things. One, shame on you. And two, you missed a really great function. There will be others. Peeps these links too, for more fun stuff to see:

"Tabloids (LIVE)" -Jeese Boykins III
"Sew Far~Soul Good!" @ the Pink Room 9.26.08 (NYC)

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