Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Are You Serious DOG!?!" -Billionaires Bulldogs Club

Well Now you can blame the dude for trying to make a buck, but word is that Pharrell (Mr.BBC himself) is starting a skate team and clothing line for man's four-legged best friend. Yes, if you think fashion has gone to the dogs, then you're not far from the truth my friend. "Bully McLovin" (seen in the video above) is preparing for his close up and 15 mins of fame (which is a whole week in dog years). When asked how long and what motives him to have started skating he barked, "Well since I was a young pup, I loved to skate dawg. And besides the endorsements, I love the attention I get from the b!+*#es! Point blank period. Cats (and some dogs) be hating on me, but I just lift my leg on 'em and..."

You heard it first here on the Minority Report folks. Woof there it is.

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