Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Nothing To Lose, EVERYTHING To Gaines!" -NEW Music From Ernie Gaines ft. T.I.

Man, I been DYING to share this one with you guys ever since I first laid ears on it! Hot off his "Paper Trail" T.I. lent his vocals to new comer Ernie Gaines' track "Sip It" and it's been the drinker's anthem ever since. I highly recommend you NOT to drive when first listening to it. It definitely will have you above the limit. Lmao.

Give your car keys to a responsible person before you listen>
"Sip it" -Ernie Gaines feat. T.I.

*Coming soon to a upscale hotel look for "the Ernie Gaines Suite Tour" late Oct/early Nov. to NYC!

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