Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Can You Hear me NOW!" -ListenUp Ad

If you've ever had insomnia, and was up late in the wee hours, I'm pretty sure you've come across seeing this device advertised more than enough times. It's call "ListenUp" and it makes claims about magnifying distant sounds, so that you don't disturb the folks around you with whatever it is you happen to be listening to at the time. "Sounds" simple enough right? In the infomercial it states "You can hear a pin drop!" or "...Listen in on a conversation from across the street!" I'm pretty sure I never needed to listen out for "dropping pins" but the part about "convo 's from across the street" made the deal sound SWEET. So I drop a cool $14+ dollars to order the damn comes four days works, everything's cool right? Nah man, BAD decision. If you understood and knew where I live at, you'd understand why. My first real night using it I heard all types of baby mama drama, the asthmatic kid upstairs snoring, car alarms going ape shit...Who's brilliant idea was this? Man, it gets worst. Up late one night, I mistakenly fall asleep with the contraption on (don't ask how I managed), only to be awoken by heavy panting. My 1st thoughts are, my roommate scored a hotty from the local bar, and secondly I can hear porn in surround sound...DOPE! "You like it doggy style huh, don't cha?" keep getting louder as well as the panting, when I creep closer to his room to steal a peek. "Collar too tight huh?" "Roll over Bitch!" Whoa, didn't know the kid was even remotely like that. I crack the door ever so slightly to see....Well let's just say we're not allowed to have pets in the apt... AT ALL...period. Worst...Purchase...Ever!


Anonymous said...

Nooooooo. I know youre not saying what I think you're saying......that is naaaaaaaaaasty!!!!!!!

Sallome Beta said...

U my dear r retarded! Lol

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