Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 98)

I'm a busy guy, however I did make time to post these pics from a couple of events past last week. the first few are from a "fugzi" Robin Thicke listening party I attended. When Ash & I arrived, the line was "Dark Knight, first showing, around the corner" long. But we somehow managed to get (ie cut the line) in quickly, inside 49 Grove. the four picture you see below is about the ONLY appearence of Robin we saw all night (lol). And the only thing we were "listening" to was excuses from the DJ about why Mr. Thicke was late coming out! So on to the next event, which was the Red Star Heiniken thingy at Mansion (w/Keisha Cole & Raheem DeVaughn). I list for the line was uber quick and getting in was a breeze, so kudos for that. The spot was MASSIVE inside, as well as the attnding crowd too! We made it just in time for Raheem's set and his shirtless, wife-beater, gut reveling impression of "Burger King!" Cape, crown and all, moaning to crown some "lucky" lady his "Dairy Queen." Please hold the upchuck tell after the show ladies and gentlemen was the introduction he got. I dig his music...If I could hear it clearer that is, the sound system was horried I tell you. So off we slide to Patty Laurent's (VH1 Hip-Hop Honors) function at Home down the block and around the corner. We got there just in time to beat the rush but didn't stay long. the REAL home was calling me back to BK.

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