Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 289)

I'm at TWO rammed parties at the same damn time, at the same damn time, at the same damn time! Well...NOT exactly, but it WAS the same damn NIGHT! After leaving Brooklyn attending the Fermented Beads one year anniversary rooftop party (GREAT look fellas, pics are coming tomorrow) I took a power nap and made my way to to the city to attend both Vegas (of Showcase Ent.) & James Beauzile's b'day shindigs at Mussel Pot and Beauty & Essex respectively mentioned. Both were wavy, but I'd wish there was a way to combine to two to save on the commuting back and forth. LOL! Each crowd would have complimented the other well as you'll be able to see in the combined posting of the pics from their events. I think I may have been the ONLY one "under dressed" (hahahaha)! Well maybe NEXT year these two will make it easier on the common alike guests that they share and get an accommodating spot and rock out at.  I'm just sayin' fam. Well if you couldn't get in/ make it to either, I completely understand WHY you don't get out anymore...You're NEVER invited! Just kidding, but not really, seriously speaking.

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