Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"New Year's Eve...In July?" -Exclusive Block Association Anniversary Preview

The social lifestyle and event planning collective the Block Association (of which I'm a proud member of) has been doing MAJOR influential moves since they first formed a mere four years ago! And this year our popularity seems to be soaring which each successful venture we set out to do.  So now that our anniversary is quickly approaching, we felt it was necessary to crank things up to the 10th POWER! Just HOW do you top continuously packed 600+ events (NYE, & Super Bowl party) and shoulder to shoulder holiday brunch parties (Pranna, Duo, Midtown 1015)? Book one of THEE BEST & spaciously decorated venues in the Meat Packing district and throw a HUGE July 4th Eve (Tues. July 3rd for you dummies) anniversary party for all to enjoy! We're still working on the details but here's what you cab except SO FAR...A beautiful casually dressed crowd (may even do a dress theme) and GREAT collection of NYC & PA socialite hosts, bottle packages, and MAYBE a surprise celeb host or two (depending just WHO'S in town that week).  But for now here's some images below of the venue (Anja Bar), the working title "CREW LOVE" and soundtrack mixtape is in the works w/ the premiere of a Block Association theme song (YES! you heard right, theme song, the instrumental is posted below), plus an after work BK backyard BBQ is in the works (Thurs. July 5th) and "Welcome To My House Party" 1st Sat. after party (location tba) to close out our anniversary week strong! WHEW!! Are you hype yet? Thought so. Fingers crossed, hopefully our damn website will be up by then...MAYBE?!?

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