Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 288)

Ahhhh, to be a young again! Or at least at heart! If I were to die tomorrow, I pray GOD sends me back as ME again!This life is just to good to do once man! Hold up let me pull over and set up the scenes of the pictures you're about bear witness to. Okay two Saturdays ago (June 2nd I recall) the Block Association had a FULL day of activities that I never got around to mention. First off we started the day early and went to show love and support to our homegirl (by way of ATL/BK) Kimberly Hutton for her birthday brunch shindig at her cribo. Which are the beginning photos you'll see. Hated to eat and run, but we had to head over to the private roof top b'day event for Walter "Whoawo" Joseph's joint at the Flatiron Hotel (see pics here). We couldn't even stay THERE long cause we needed to catch Block Boy Frei Speech doing his thang thang on the 1 & 2's out at the Target's 1st Sat. @ the Bklyn Museum...WAVY!!! You'll see some pics of that as well posted below. But here's where things get a lil' messy ya'll. With no definite after party location for the museum (yeah we dropped the ball on that) EVERYONE from both joints headed over to Beauty & Essex for the "victory lap" slash night cap to end the day RIIIGGHT! There pictures are a good example of when friends and way too much liquor all get together in one room...well VIP section! You'll see the the pictures start to get all fuzzy & outta focus because...well...because I was all fuzzy and outta focus! So DUH, I was drunk! There I said it D-R-U-N-K okay! Don't judge me. Who gonna stop me now? HAPPY BELATED "Kim Kim"  Oh and if you were asking, YES that's ol' boy "Omar" from the Wire and YES that's Melyssa Ford with Flo Rida (had know idea they were a couple...WOW!) chillin' with old friend make up artist Tamara Delbridge

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