Monday, June 18, 2012

"Who's Yo Daddy?" - Open Letter Father's Day Recap

Yeah okay I know I'm a day late with posting this, but honestly...were you even check on the blog yesterday for a new post? Ah ha! Didn't think so! Truth be told Father's Day is EVERYDAY for me I..sorry WE don't need a singular day to set aside to express the unconditional (for some) love we have for the men who raised us. Be it biological, step, adopted, surrogate, or other wise. We are greater people because of having them in our lives, even if it's having to learn from their mistakes! Well I rarely do personal posting about the goings on in my life but I'm making a special exception because well because this man is EXCEPTIONALFranklin Alan Dale from Colon, Panama resident American citizen by way of the U.S. army w/ only $40 in his pocket was the first of the Dale clan to plant his seeds ( in Brooklyn. THANK YOU for being a guiding force in my life for as long as I've known you. Even though I see it pains you to say "I love you" verbally, I can NEVER say I haven't seen you express it EVERY other way. Hopefully I'll be as great a father to my offspring as you were to me & my brother. Anyone who knows me knows how much you mean to me and that's why I take pride in inviting to my events & introducing you to everyone I know.  I prey on the day you finally get the internet and maybe one day read this LOL!  Much love from "Lil' Frankie boo" (Panamanian accent*).


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