Monday, June 25, 2012

"Look The Gangs All Here!" -The Block Boys Invite You To Our 4th B'day Party

Who would have thought that NINE brothers/friends could come together and be such a dominating force on the social life scene in just FOUR years! YES, it's A LOT of time and hard pressed planning that goes into what it is we do. But that's the trade off when you're doing something you LOVE so well. Yeah we bicker like an old married couple at each other once in awhile, but trust it's STILL LOVE at the end of the day. We're just individually passionate about making our "movement" stronger and BIGGER! "CREW LOVE" indeed. And we wanna celebrate our union with you! Now I don't ask for anything...EVER! And if I do it's NOT much. However this time I'm asking you to come join us Tues. July 3rd on the eve of our 4th Anniversary to toast our past and future accomplishments as the collective call the Block Association. We've given you ALOT to love us! All we asking of you is your RSVP and attendance to...

the Block Association & Friends present
"CREW LOVE" -the 4th Anniversary Event
Tuesday July 3rd
@AJNA BAR -25 Little W.12th St
Music by DJ Trauma, Frei Speech, w/guest DJ Goldfinger
Hosted by Silky Valente'
Co-Hosted by Jason Smith Jr, Walter Joseph, and MORE!
Admission FREE for ladies Gents are reduced  (till 12am)
w/ RSVP to
Dress code: Your at your absolute BEST!

(From top to bottom; Alanzo "Danny Ocean", Gary, Cory, L.A. 
DJ Trauma, Silky Valente', Major, Frei Speech, Carlito)

CREW LOVE -the Annversary trailer from Alanzo Dale on Vimeo.

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