Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Hey Good Looking, What Cha Got Cooking?" -Updates On Our HUGE "CREW LOVE" 4th Anniversary Event

Okay folks we're finally approaching the finally lap and the excitement is building rapidly for the Block Association's 4th Anniversary "CREW LOVE"! Still haven't come down yet from the high that last Sunday's all white roof top event (#VanillaSky) gave. So you can just imagine the engines are reviving at full throttle to make Tues. July 3rd (remember that date people) just as BIG! Here's some pics I took from doing a walk-through/once over of AJNA BAR (25 Little W.12th St.) where the "movie" will premiere. Also a couple of add update deets have been thrown into the mix to take the night to the NEXT level!

Co-hosts will be: RUE107 (celebrating their 2nd anniversary), Iman Dean (of 1st Sunday's Soul Brunch fame), Eddy Shades (Eddy Shades Media), Swaggchamps (Fuasto & Berto), Michael Morrow (Philadelphia Status), Jason Smith Jr. (Journ3y Men), & Walter "Whoawo" Joseph

DJ Line up will be: DJ Goldfinger, DJ Trauma, DJ Jon Quick, & Frei Speech...WHOA!
With master of ceremonies Silky Valente'

MADE drinks has become the official sponsor, supplying the flavored juice chasers w/bottle service.

Fireworks show! ONLY if you're in VIP (lol)
Event Twitter/Instagram tag lines are #Block4thanniversary or #CREWLOVE
@AJNABARNYC, @MADEdrinks, @theBlockAssoc, 

Peep teaser trailer video at:   Excited yet?

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