Friday, June 1, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 285)

'Member I was tell you how my weekend was "looking pretty pretty interesting?" Well truth be told it started from Wednesday on straight into that monster of a party at Pranna (T.R.O.Y.) with this private b'day event that frequent "the Country Club" @DUO brunch collaborator Gary Grant threw for himself at his home. If everyone appears to be glistening in the photos it's cause it was "pizza oven hot" in the motherf**ker! LOL was that extra glow is probably sweat you're seeing. It was a dope lil' turn out for a middle of the week house party. He had more good looking ladies in his crib then most promoters do in a full club! #Realtalk! I wasn't mad at all! Heat? What heat? Hahahaha! Then Saturday eve a bare bones Block Boys crew (just 3 of us Cory, Silky & myself + good friend Walter) headed out on a road trip to illy Philly to go check out Block Association associate Michael Morrow's (of Philadelphia Status) event at Belmont Manor, dead smash in the middle of Fairmount Park. You know that park where the Fresh Prince Will Smith did his "Summer Time" video in. Yeah THAT one. Their joints end round 2am, so we reached the event about 9-9:30 on the dot. And boy was the trip worth it! Not only was the location dope (huge outdoor tent in view of the city skyline) but the crowd/vibe was awesomeness as well. They MUST of smelt that Brooklyn aire on us out there cause, we were treated like long time friends at a homecoming but EVERYONE! Anyways, a combine pics from BOTH events below. After the cigar photo is the point where the Philly pics take over. Thanks again Mike for the hospitality. NEED a do-over before the summer's dunzo! Salute playboy. GOTTA do a "hosted by the Block Boys" jawn down that way...sleep on it.

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