Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 286)

Now DON'T be mad at me, I seriously wanted to invite you out to this swanky daytime private penthouse roof top soiree the Block Boys hosted (for Walter "WhoaWo" Joseph's b'day) but there was a cap on the amount of attendees sooooo yeah, it was a bit on the hush hush tip. But at least I won't be stingy with the pictures from the event since you couldn't be there. Starting from 4pm on Walter's birthday shindig took over the top floor of the Flatiron Hotel. Yeah the SAME hotel we commandeered to host our annual Black Fashion Month affair ("Fashion 500") in! It was everything he had planned it to be, and a reunion for ALOTTA folks that rarely come out. Wish I had stayed longer but the team was doing double duty back in Brooklyn hosting that HUGE block party in the back of the Brooklyn Museum of Art last Saturday for 1st Saturdays! Which was a BEAST! S/O to Ngozi & Frei Speech (also Block Association members) on that one. History made...TWICE! Anyways here's the pics from Walt's joint and I added the secretive flier that I also shot for this invite. Yeah me!

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