Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"The Council Has Spoken!" -The Block Is Planning Something BIG! Save The Date: TUES. JULY 3RD

Now I HOPE you don't think all we do is post up in VIP, dress "ultra swaggy" and order bottles, just to be be surrounded by gorgeous women all day do you? Cause I'd like you to know that A LOT of planning goes into all that! It just doesn't happen like (snaps fingers) overnight! LOL! I know this is hard to believe but all NINE of us often get together when the sun is set, and the stars are all aligned, for at least one wholesome ol' fashioned face-to-face meeting. To figure out better ways to help you plan your social life in NYC.  Originally when we first got together the goal was to change the perception of nightlife in Brooklyn and Brooklyn alone. However Brooklyn hasn't quite yet caught up to the pace we were expanding. We "outgrow" alot of the space we occupied with the sheer amount of folks we brought out! We quickly changed direction and took Manhattan dead on, and haven't regretted it since. Not bad for just being just 4 yrs old huh? Well here's some behind-the-scenes pics of the team (the Block Association aka the Block Boys) working out how we can see more of you this year. NOT picture is Silky Valente' (job duties) and myself (I'm behind the camera...DUH!) Hopefully we'll see you THIS SUNDAY @ "VANILLA SKY" our 1st all white roof top brunch party! Then you GOTTA make it out to celebrate the Block's b'day "CREW LOVE" our 4th anniversary TUES. JULY 3rd! THANK YOU for holding the Block down for years. Peep the preview images for our soon to be released mixtape AND the anniversary invite...

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