Monday, June 11, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 287)

We ALL need to be collectively slapped in the face for this one! I have NO idea WHY we didn't think of this idea sooner! That being to host a birthday event for one of the hardest working DJs that's NOT on the radio (at least not yet), DJ Trauma of Soundproof Intl./Block Association etc. etc. fame. But I guess it was no better time than the present to gather all the right people who needed to be here to toast ol' boy. And yeah, ALOT of folk came out in droves! Also celebrating a b'day was Mocha Moyo (from the Restaurant Divas), Yajaida Merced, and Walter "Whoawo" Joseph so a packed house was to be expected. Peep the DJ line up we had too, DJ Goldfinger, DJ Erick La Peau, Frei Speech & Chuck Barrett. We even got a cameo appearance from up & coming singer Elle Varner ("Can I Get A Refill") in the building. In the immortal words of the never legendary Black Rob...WHOA! And I must say folks came out looking like a pack of Kensu knives...SHARP! Prim & Proper style like the title of the dinner party implies. Looking like a bag of money (Rick Ross voice). But you'd know this already if you attend last Monday (@Veranda after work), but I guess you'll have to settle on just looking at the pictures to catch what you missed. Okay now time for the shameless plug:  

NEXT UP IS... Sunday June 24 , 2012 
The Block Association + Showcase Entertainment present  
"Vanilla Sky"  - The All White Day Party  and 2nd Edition Brunch Rooftop Series.

@Midtown 1015- 1015 2nd Avenue bet 53rd St. and 54th St. 
Event starts @ 3pm-11pm
Music by: DJ Trauma & Danny Ocean

Hosted By: Silky Valente 
Dress Code: All White fashionable, Hampton's style attire...DUH!!!

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