Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Get Yo A** To Class!" -The Good Life 101 Will Be In Session This Friday @ Luke's Place

Go get a "Late Pass!" Cause if you're JUST now finding out about our (the Block Association's Frei & Danny Ocean) weekly Friday night "vibexperience" dine & dance party we host over at the elegant looking Luke's Place then shame on you. Cause that means you ain't been check for Brooklyn...period! We had folks from as far away as L.A. & FREAKING Iowa pass through, so that "I live in another boro" excuse is dead & stinkin' man! I say this to say that THIS FRIDAY (May 13th) is even more of a reason to make it yo business to get yo ass over there...WHY? Simple...this will be the BIGGEST one yet! Well first off, the weather will be GREAT! Then we have a total of FOUR b'days set up (Joann Joseph, Jonathan Beck, Kila Lamadora) one of them being the Block's newest "unofficial but she's official" member Mikael McCaw b'day too! Her crew ALONE is a "dollar worth of dimes!" pimpin'! LOL! Toy Holmes will play host (yes you're allowed to clap) AND lastly I'll be filming it all to be used as a video for the one and only Marvin Gaye classic song "Got To Give It Up!" WHEW! A lot right? Cancel whatever lame plans you might've had cause...just cause man! WHAT, I just explained to you why! Were you NOT reading? Oh and dress like you're in the lead role too! Thanx .

Friday May 6th
(and EVERY Friday after)
"the Class Reunion" -Dinner & Dance party
Luke's Place -277 Cumberland St. (corner of Lafayette St.)
Music by the M Report, the Ahficionados,
& special guest DJ's
Hosted by Kila, Mikeal, Joann, Jonathan,
& Toy Holmes
and a collective of fashionable folks
Admission "FREE like Frei" all night
Food & drinks served till late.

Now you wouldn't wanna disappoint a face like this would you?
Nah didn't think so! (Happy B'day Mikael McCaw) -tBA

Marvin Gaye -"Got To Give It Up!"

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