Monday, May 16, 2011

"Frei Stylin' Conversations With..." -Chris Faust's Q & A With Freelikefrei & The M Report

Okay folks, I'm mo' need you to pay attention to me on this one. For sometime now I've been watching this young talent man grow not only as an artist but just a dope HUMAN BEING for some years now. To the point were he's become a pseudo lil' (sorry, YOUNGER) brother to me in a sense. Evolving from the former moniker of "Print" to now adopting his given name, is not the only change in the game he's about to bring. I'd put good hard-earned money up and say he could go toe to toe with A LOT of these current cats out there doing it! Real rap! Anyways I am more than proud to announce that this coming Friday we'll have the honor of hosting his "yeah, It's FINALLY finished and out" release slash, Q & A slash, let's get Luke's (Place) POPPIN' (!) party with us that night. Here's a chopped and screwed interview conducted by Freelikefrei, shot by me (the Minority Report), and edited by Chris himself...yeah he does that too. On TOP of being a school teacher!

Come out and celebrate with Chris Faust
for the release of his debut LP "FAUST'

Friday May 20th
"The Class Reunion" -Dinner & Dance Party
Luke's Place -277 Cumberland St. (corner of Lafayette St.)

Chris Faust Listening Party 7pm - 9pm
After party 10pm-2am

Music by the M Report, the Ahficionados,
& special guest DJ's

Hosted by (B'day boy) Jason Rice and Chris Faust
and a collective of fashionable folks
Admission "FREE like Frei" all night
Food & drinks served till late.

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