Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Kung Fu Veranda!" -Miguel Kicks "Sure Thing" Live It w/ the Collective @Veranda Sundays

So Sunday after briefly filling in a DJ set for 'Frei (Ahficionados/
the Block Association
) at the newly opened Vodou Lounge on the very corner of my block (Halsey & Nostrand), I hurried over to Silky Valente' crib to peep the remaining quarters of that embarrassing Heat vs Bulls game. And to fill up on the pizza & Coco Loso buffet he had prepared for his guests. Charged on liquor and disappointment we (the Block heads) decided to pay (DJ) Trauma a visit. ESPECIALLY being that he stressed how major the night was gonna be w/ guest artist Miguel performing his latest hit single "Sure Thing." I gotta say one thing man I LOVE MY TEAM! Not only are we collectively creative within the Block, but we also have the smarts to recorded EVERYTHING! Wait...that was two things. My bad I was always bad with math. Anyways I said all this to say, Not only did I film his performance (video posted below), Trauma had the wisdom to record his vocals as WELL! Here are both in all it's glory...LIVE!

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