Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"For Blocks And Blocks..." -Behind the Scene Pics Pre & Post "Fashion 500" Meetings

MEETINGS! MEETINGS! MEETINGS! It seems like er'ry other day my team the Block Association is having some type of meeting or other! Now don't get me wrong, I think meetings can be very proactive and I genuinely LOVE these folks but SHEESH! I think I see these guys more than my own family members sometimes! LOL! Below I've posted some "before & after" pics from two meetings in regards to "Fashion 500" and future projects down the pipeline. I think ONLY thing missing from our meets really is your personal input in the direction we should go in. Because in the interest of growth, we wanna continue bringing you mature sophisticated events that set the bar for our "still young at heart" age group (mid-twenties to late thirties set). I'll throw out a list of ideas we had and you give us feedback on if it's a sound one and we'll in turn start planning it based on your comments...Okay? Coolio!

the Block Association
is thinking about;

Spring/Summer roof top party series
A 4-5day vacation destination trip
An after work party for the fashionable set
A (liquor sponsored) dinner party series
And a HUGE concert style BBQ.

the Block Association is working on;

the Fort Greene Fest pre-party in May & concert in June

#Hookyparty -ala Ferris Bueller's day off style, where we'll form a coup and gather willing folks to take a day off and do a museum visit, park picnic, or a Blockbuster movie during a NICE warm day w/ a house party/BBQ to follow after (look for the #Hookyparty on FB and Twitter),

#PJammaJam - ala Kid n Play's House party / School Daze style, or better yet the #OneMoreChanceVideo we shot (peep HERE) but remixed w/ PJs! 80's-90's classics, invite ONLY! PJs will be a MUST for entree! Again look for the #PJammaJam on Twitter.

the return of "Any Given Sundae" -our Sunday evening collabo w/ MIH Ventures down on No.1 Front St. (in Dumbo) that had all of Bklyn talking last Summer! This time the series will start earlier in the season. Date to be determined soon.

And lastly our HUGE anniversary 4th of July weekend party which we will (hopefully fingers crossed) launching our NEW website BlockAssociation.TV
Wanna keep in touch with us? Follow @theBlockAssoc on Twitter, email theBlockRSVP@gmail.com, theBlockRSVP@groups.facebook.com on Facebook

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