Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"I'm Just Sayin' Man!" -Shared Thoughts & What Nots From The Mind Of The Minority

NEVER even knew this was on the market! But is this the "Hood Milk" that all these young chicks are getting thick from?

To Revitalizing their careers, Eddie Murphy should have been cast in that "Shrek Musical", I swore Chris Rock would be in "Madagascar LIVE!" and Lauryn Hill AND Whoopi Goldberg in that "Sister Act" joint on Broadway! Right?

Question, if you're biracial in a bi-coastal, bi-curious relationship does that mean you're really "Tri-Bi" or "Bi to the 3 power" "3x Bi"?

Come on you were wondering these things too! Talk amongst yourselves and get back to me when you got it all worked out...LOL.

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