Monday, May 30, 2011

"Let's Have A Night Cap (& Gown)" -It's A Graduation B**chs!

Round here, amongst the Block Association, we are a VERY close knit unit. You can stay extended family almost. So when one of our members has a celebration of some sort we ALL join in like it's our own event! No seriously, real talk! I say all this to say that THIS Wed. (June 1st) the team will be getting together to toast Block member Lyshaan Hall's graduation party at the newly discovered hot spot Polar Lounge (click to peep spot) located inside the Gramercy/
. He's receiving is black belt in Finance & Entreprenurshit. Sorry I stand corrected it's NOT called a "black belt" as I had thought. It's officially titled a MBA as in I hope "My Black Ass" can get ahead in life with this degree! LOL! Well anyways, It's an OPEN invitation to all those who know him or you just LOVE the Block Association movement and you wanna come chill with us. Either way it's all gravy, no beef.

: If all goes well, this SAME spot will be the location where we kick off our Spring/ Summer after work party series that we've been longing to do for a while now. Here's the deets!

"The Night Cap (& Gown)" -MBA Draft Party for Lyshaan Hall
Polar Lounge - 201 E. 24th St. near 3rd Ave. (under the Marcel Hotel)
Music by the Block Heads (the M Report, Freizze, & DJ Trauma)
FREE admission ALL night
Dress summer time fresh

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