Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Concrete Roses...& Tulips, & Lillies..." -Brooklyn Botanical Garden Blooms

When was the LAST time you ventured into the Brooklyn Botanical Garden huh? Please don't say it was on a class trip man! That's SAD! Cause if you can trek yo ass to that side of Brooklyn to shake yo ass or gawk at chicks during Target's First Saturdays then on a lazy Sunday you can easily make you way here! It's RIGHT next door people! I don't mean to be a "nature bully" but until I started making my yearly trip to the BBG to test whatever camera I had at the time. I truly began to appreciate all the beauty nature has to offer, once I looked back at the shots taken. This year was NO different, I had my newest camera (my Canon T2i) in hand and was dying to see the potential of what it could do in a natural sunlight setting. I think it did quite well! But to be fair I posted some pics below for you to peep and I let you be the judge.

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