Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Grey Matters!" -FreiZze Prepares To Usher In the "Grey Era"

Hey, doesn't always seems like just when you've figured someone out they flip the switch on you and change UP? Or could it be that you never took the time to REALLY get to know that person entirely huh? I bring this up cause I'm betting that you thought Frei (of the Ahficionados, the Block Association, Pedigree) was a three trick pony right? Negative...he's a FOUR trick pony, and his latest act maybe his most surprising one of all! I can't go into TOO much detail, but judging from the pics below you can guess it has SOMETHING to do with music (other than DJing). Now you guys can understand exactly WHY I f**ks w/the Block. Each person is individually creative in their own right, and they are an inspiration to be around. SALUTE!

"the GREY ERA" soon come...

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