Monday, May 23, 2011

"I Ain't To Proud To Beg!"- A Couple Of Crazy Sexy Cool Things I Need In My Life

They say money doesn't buy happiest, but it DOES buy you things that will definitely change a ni**a mood for the better RIGHT!?! I'm pretty cool with the things I acquired in life, but as true to human nature we ALWAYS want MORE! Even if the MORE is giving. Anyway, here's a list of things that I come across that I've taken a fancy to that would REALLY be game changers for me. Till I get bored and what something else new. But until then here's what I'm FEELING for the moment...

The OVERSIZED leather seat (minus the ottoman)
Ralph Lauren sells one (mad expensive) but it doesn't have to be THAT one! I need one exactly like this one pictured to match a chair I have already...coordination!

Next up is this (not sure of the brand) Mickey Mouse sweatshirt to add to my already growing collection of Mickey sweats! I thinking this was made a bit more recently than the vintage ones I own, but I dig it!

Yeah, this one is a stretch but can't a ni**a dream? I said to myself "If I ever come into some BIG money, and decide to own a car again, I NEED a 67' Continental w/ the suicide doors in my life!" (preferably in black, like me). Man this joint update & renovated is one SWEET ride! Plus it's an ode to my fascination w/ the Matrix
(Morpheus' car)

And lastly, YES yet ANOTHER camera! I figure "my life is a movie so hey why the f**k not make one?" Right? I do have a quality camera at this present time, but when you KNOW you can get better, you WANT better! Besides I tired of trying to make meatloaf taste like steak! If I'm gonna get my "Hype Williams on" then I need Hype Williams type s**t!!! Feel me? And this is one of the cameras (Canon 7D or Mark IV) that will at least get my foot in the lobby, my imagination will get me in the building...then the top floor!

So hopefully God willing, if I get ALL of these things listed I can come home to relax in my big ass leather chair, dressed in my Mickey sweatshirt, to rest after a long day driving around in my stinkin' Lincoln taking pictures of folks who's jaws dropped look at my bad ass whip!


Anonymous said...

Was wondering if you know where you bought the mickey mouse sweat from?


Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Hey I never brought it, it was on my "wish list" to find. Sorry.

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"