Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"On To The Ex One!" -Scott Pilgrim v.s. the World Review

Part musical, part comedy, part live action video game, all LOVE (story). Scott Pilgrim packs a PUNCH (pun intended). I'll be the first to admit being a former comic book collector/reader, I've NEVER read or even HEARD of Scott Pilgrim before this movie hit theaters. But once I saw the trailer, heard Edgar Wright was attached to direct (of "Shaun of the Dead", one of my favorite films) and "Super Bad" Michael Cera (reigning king of awkwardness) my ticket was brought! Here's the gist of the movie. Scott who's currently dating a "Asian fetish" school girl, Catholic outfit and all, gets distracted in a dream by a mysterious woman who he finds out REALLY exists and becomes obsessed w/ meeting her. After being warned by EVERYONE to stay clear of her, they start a quick courtship unannounced to his current fling "Knives Chu." By the way he's in a rocking indie band that's destined to STAY indie called "the Sex Bob Omb" (which is really rock artist Beck FYI) After a snowed in night of "spooning" with his new love interest "Ramona Flowers", Scott receives an e-mail from one of her 7 ex's (yes ladies 7 former suitors) challenging him to a duel to defend his honor...which he ignores till her first ex shows up at his band's gig. The rest you MAY have to be high to begin to accept as the story line gets more bizarre as the movie get under way. Not that I'm condoning drug use or anything (lol). But it gets surreal from that point on to say the least. All in all this was one of the most original romance comedies I've EVER seen with all it's movie genre bending and quick witty story telling. Better yet take Tarantino and mix it with the on screen computer graphic film style of "ZombieLand", with a dash of any Kung Fu/Matrix movie and BOOM! You have on Scott Pilgrim film folks. I promise you you won't leave the theater without say to yourself or thinking out loud "WTF!?!" I'm giving it 4 out 5 M's

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