Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.216)

First and foremost before I begin, let me THANK all those that came out to make this new venture a thing of beauty! We heard all the complaints bout how "This is Brooklyn, there's NOWHERE to just chill anymore without feeling like it's a speed dating event!" Well we've (meaning MIH icons & the Block Association) decided we needed that type of atmosphere PRONTO! Summer CAN'T just end like THIS! Hell no! So long story short..."Any Given Sundae" was born (last Sunday). Not only was the weather more than PERFECT, but the people that came out to help launch it were too! Food, drinks ($6 sangria, Absolut Brooklyn shots, & coconut mojitos), a movie (Purple Rain last Sunday, School Daze this Sunday) were all the right ingredients for an evening out before the work week. BTW each week till we end it will be a theme attached to the event. This coming one we ask for you to invite an old school mate/sweetheart/study buddy out to meet off line and reminisce to 80's & 9o's music playing in the background + Spike's "School Daze" will be the movie of choice. Hey you can even wear something repping your former Alma Mata too! Let's have fun with it. No.1 Front St. is the location case you're interested just don't let "the Hood" find out! We NEED this one to last LOL! * "Any Given Sunday" -No.1 Front St. 2pm-11pm FREE admission Enjoy!

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