Monday, August 9, 2010

"My Roller Costa (Rica) Ride" -the Minority Vacations in C.R.

Okay so It's been at least a whole week since my return back to civilization from the jungles of Costa Rica. And it FEELS like it's taken me longer to go through and edit ALL the pictures than the actual trip itself! LOL! But alas it's DONE...and it's ALOT! So I wisely broke it up in two (maybe three) pieces depending on some much I can get up tomorrow. I'll call this one the "postcard slash laptop screen saver" edition. Let me remind you that NONE of these flicks was "photo shopped" or "steroid enhanced" to look better. The colors you see ARE the actual colors I saw. It was a thing of beauty folks! Not to be all graphic and all but even my stool samples came out in bright tropic colors out there! S#*t was like a "coconut browish" color, and my piss was say...ummm "pineapple yellowish"! I'm guessing it was all that fruit stuff I ate. Any way you'll see from the pictures posted why people vacation there. So without further ado here's Pt. 1 or rather "part uno" as the Costa Ricans would say of "My most wonderfullest trip to C.R. to handle my B.I." Part dos arrives in NY tomorrow. FYI* My stomach STILL ain't right! Damn shame.

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