Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"My Roller Costa (Rica) Ride"- Walkthrough Of My Vacation "Down South"

Okay so if you've been keeping up. I've already did two postings of my trip out the jungles of Costa Rica correct? But what I realized is that I never gave you guys the rundown of what the experience was like. So with these last round of pictures I'll give you an abbreviated version of my trip "down South". LOL. First off there was NO direct flights to the part of Costa Rica I was visiting (which was Cahuita BTW) so after a 2hr flight to Miami you have to connect to another flight to San Jose, CR. THEN hop yo ass on a FOUR hr. hemorrhoid inducing bus ride to your final destination of Cahuita. Our bungalows where about half a mile from the bus stop so you gotta catch a cab to it. WHEW! Gotta say Coral Hill Bungalows (Goggle it playboy) was the TRUTH! MUCH better than I excepted! Really rustic, but not on no Gillian's Island stranded type s**t (feel me?). Rocking chairs on the front porch, a hammock, walk in closet space w/ digital safe, two headed shower head, high ass ceiling w/rotating fan, plus a king size bed complete with hanging net so you won't get all "lumped up" from the mosquitoes at night (and the day too). The black sand beaches were in walking distance from the "hotel" and a couple of restaurants as well. First thing you'll notice off the bat is the numerous amounts of plant life all over, oh and the stray dog population. Don't worry they won't f**k w/you but coming from New York in the days when we had them bad and they WOULD bite...I played it safe. Ummm what else do I remember. Oh yeah, the Chinese run the markets over there TOO! And they're JUST as rude if you're taking too long in there. What else, oh the water is as warm as a mid-summer's evening piss...ALL DAY mind you. But the currents will smack you around like a Afro-Punk mosh pit! NO ONE speaks a lick of English too, except for the transplants and the blacks (who are Jamaican) there. Took a (20min.) bus to Punta Viejo where the beaches where crystal blue and the water was even warmer(!) but was over run by surfer dudes and backpacking chicks. Hope you're not squeamish, cause you'll be seeing, Bats, stray dogs & cats, lizards, poisonous frog/toads, sloths, stray horses, random chickens, raccoons, possum, agouties (yeah look it up) and loud ass howling monkeys along the way if you decide to visit. Lastly the people are VERY friendly especially if you're a weed aficionado (& no I did not partake). Also the FOOD, man the food! Put it this way, I called and cursed out my mother for the deception she feed me growing up after I tasted the cuisine out there! YES, it's THAT GOOD! I almost didn't wanna finish knowing I'll never eat this way again ;( FYI brush up on your Rosetta Stone homie. Your Spanish game has to be serious out there. Or you're NO bueno!

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