Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"To Mike, Love Spike!"-Long Live The King (of Pop)

Remember last year when this went down! It was RAINING and a mass exodus of people STILL trooped out to the middle of Prospect Park to share their love and emotional energy for one of the biggest...no THEE biggest Pop star history has ever known! This year the Sun will be shining brightly on those who choose to return to the park once again as Spike Lee (40 Acres and A Mule Filmworks) and The Republic of Brooklyn celebrate the 52nd birthday of Michael Jackson, "the gloved one", King of Pop.

Sunday Aug. 29th
Spike Lee presents "the 2nd Annual MJ B'day Celebration"
@ Prospect Park, Brooklyn (Nethermead Field)
Music by DJ Spinna


We're closing in on the final TWO Sundays left and they will be the BIGGEST ones yet! This Sunday (Aug. 29th) it will be all about MIKE! The man, the music, and his memory. He was a legend in his own time and few if any will EVER have a career and legacy like his. So it's only fitting that we celebrate his birthday with an evening in his M.I.K.E. (Memories I Keep Everyday). This event will directly follow the huge outdoor fest Spike Lee is hosting (12-5) in Prospect Park.

Sun.Aug 29th
MIH icons & the Block Association presents
"Any Given Sundae" -M.I.K.E. (the MJ tribute party)
@No. 1 Front St.
Music by the Ahficionados, Jon Quick, and DJ Trauma
TWO movies shown "This Is It" & "The Wiz"
FREE Admission
A or C train to High St. F train to York
2 or 3 train to Clark St.

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