Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.218)

Hey I thought I saw you last Friday at Room Service (35 E.21st St. betwn Park & B'way)...No? Oh well, you can't say I didn't tell yo ass about it! I do EVERY WEEK! Go head, I'll give you a minute to check your e-mail/texts/Facebook inbox etc. Now apologize for NOT showing up. I TOLD you this was gonna blow. And last Friday did it! It was like the re-Grand Opening all over again as the legendary Persaud Brothers & the mighty John Vasquez joined the Room Service team (Patty Laurent, Nitro, Dan Smalls & myself) to take things up another level. Goldfinger & Trauma are still in the mix along w/ Fred the drummer so you know the music was on point. I just need you there to co-sign the launch of New York's newest "zoo" that goes down EVERY WEEK. Here, I'll leave you the info ONE MORE TIME so you have NO excuses about how "Nah son, why you ain't tell me it be poppin' like that in here?" Duh ni**a! Send FULL NAMES (+guests) to subject/RSFridays ASAP! FYI* L.A. shoes was on FIYAHHH that night NEVER seen him dance that much LOL!

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