Tuesday, August 10, 2010

""My Roller Costa (Rica) Ride!" -My Trip To C.R. In Pictures (Pt. Dos)

Now I'm NO professional photographer by ANY means but YO...I challenge ANYBODY with a point and shoot camera to show me better vacation pictures than THIS! The only way I can see somebody topping these is if that have flicks of themselves chillin' with the Obamas in Martha's Vineyard, or on some huge yatch overseas holding up a bottle of Ace of Spades while Jay-Z is manning the ship and Beyonce' is sunbathing topless on deck! So other than those two scenarios (and maybe a "Hangover" style vacation) I can't see that happening no time soon. And I'm not trying to be boastful, but I'm just saying...Anyhow, This is me attempting to be all "artsy" with it, and bring you back the BEST possible shots of the stimulating sights and food (man, the food!) that I got the life changing experience to witness. The first few flicks are what I woke up to EVERY morning for breakfast, some evening dinner w/drinks, followed by a couple of plant life shots. The rest is self explanatory, well all except for the LAST one of the Froot Loops box. Let me explain. See I was expecting to see the Costa Rican national bird which is the Toucan, somewhere on our daily travels. But that never happened. So when I asked a local native "Hey where do you think I can get a good glimpse at one of 'em Toucan birds around here?" He, in his best broken English, pulled me over to that box of cereal you now see below. D'oh! BTW* Corona NEEDS to cut the check! That's a poster ad right there!


J E N E E N + N I C O L E said...

I can't lie, your pics are dope bro! I can give you a run for your money tho' check me out www.jeneennicole.com and tell me what you think :D

Lady Jei said...

Your pics are incredible. And yes, I agree Corona, STOP playing. And Bacardi for that Mojito.

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