Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.217)

Huh? How'd the HELL this happened? In the midst of a down pour on Sunday we (MIH & the Block Association) STILL managed to have a solid turnout of about 200+ folks coming out in the name of a good time! And AMEN to that. Two weeks down and "Any Given Sundae" has become the talk of the town ( least around Brooklyn lol) and for good reason. First off, the food isn't from a "street meat" cart! Secondly the MUSIC, man the music is top shelf premo (Frei, Trauma, & Jon Quick). And last but not least the vibe/people are folks you actually enjoy rubbing shoulders with. Fashionable, attractive, and attractive. Did I mention attractive already? Oh cool. Ok so you missed the first two, then fret not it's THREE more to go, and it's a "fajita" (a wrap). This Sunday we're bringing that Hamptons vibe right smack dab into Brooklyn. This "Given Sundae" we're getting our "Carlton Banks" on, and bringing back the classic socials of days gone past. So we're asking our invited guests (YOU) to pull out those seersucker, madras, and lobster print pants. Polo shirts (collar up optional), boat shoes, penny loafers, and canvas kicks. Sun dresses, pleated skirts and the like, to show folks Brooklyn (or where ever you're from) runs this fashion s**t! FYI* You KNOW it was a good party when you see Keith Major (see last small pic) slumped over! After some cookies and warm muscle milk he was asleep on the "Zzz train" EARLY! If this was college we would threw a white sheet over his head, and wrote a extra K on his shirt! Then tagged him on Facebook! Anyways, wanna share a "Sundae"? Here's the scoop:

Sunday Aug.22nd
MIH Icons & the Block Association presents
"ANY GIVEN SUNDAE"-the Hamptons edition
@No.1 Front St. near Old front St. DUMBO BK
Music by the Ahficionados, Soundproof Intl. & Jon Quick
Drinks, Food, Served, Indoor/Outdoor Seating
Movie 8pm sharp! "the Inkwell"
21 over w/ID
DRESS classic preppy style!
limited complimentary champagne


Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of your blog but can you please show more pics of men!!

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Will do! As a matter o' fact I'm visiting a men's prison soon so I'll take PLENTY of pictures for you while I'm there if that's fine by you.

Lady Jei said...

I am in one of the pics above. And I am here to co-sign that there were plenty of men to go around.

However, I agree these pics make it seem as though it was a chickfest and it was far from that.

I must have tweeted, and sent out various BBMs about the sexy Black men that were there.

Maybe you all should have a cute female photographer as well. Just a suggestion.

PS, the food is NOT the best. But the atmosphere, vibe, music and the men makes up for it. Just don't come expecting to have Sunday dinner. LOL!

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