Friday, August 20, 2010

"In Search Of LeBron..." -Night Vision: Miami Vice(s)

Now have I ever explained to you how I HATE traveling! Not the going away part, but the long lines, the crying babies on flight, the always freezing planes, the packing and forgetting something at home/hotel...the whole shepeel! However once in a blue you WILL get a break from time to time. Case in point, while on my Costa Rica trip I had a 6 hr. layover (wish I was really "laying OVER" my damn bed) in ritzy glitzy Miami. Home of Uncle Luke, Rick Ross, D. Wade, and Versace's grave. So me, I make the best of my time my walking the Ocean Drive strip (funny that it's called a strip) to bring back some more vaca shots for you to gawk at. And here they are! I can see why Lebron made the choice! Wait, I'm kidding, cause I really can't to this day!

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