Thursday, March 3, 2011

"It's The ROC In The Building!" -Jay-Z Expanses Dynasty

With constant outside pressure from his rap rivals about being "too old" or "long in the tooth" to still be in the game. What does Jay-Z do in response? Turn BACK time! Well NOT literally, but now with his newly purchased facial line decreasing skin care product line, he's looking to do just THAT! Hey, he's smart enough to know that his mature styled lyrics are in part BECAUSE of his wisdom through age. But that doesn't mean he has to LOOK it right? Story has it that Bey, a user of the French anti-aging product for years (you DO know she's really older right?), put (not so "Young" anymore ) Hov on to it about a year ago, when an approaching b'day got him depressed. He loved the results SO much, and the fact that (DUH!) It has ROC already on the label, it was a no brainer to buy into stock. From a milli' to half a billi' huh? WOW! Now it's weird to think that there's some ol' ass cougars out there running around thinking that they're now down w/ ROC nation!

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