Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.248)

Is it Summer yet? Well it damn near felt that way last Friday inside of Sanders Studio! That's where the Block Association along w/ I See promotions kicked off the first collabo of Ali Shaheed Muhummad (Tribe Called Quest) & Rich Medina, along w/ the Block Association's Dj Trauma & the Ahficionados, for the coming Ft. Greene Festival this year (June). I got there late (well negro time) but that was only due to the fact that we also had "the Class Reunion" @ Luke's Place (our weekly dinner party, 277 Cumberland) going on at the same time. But from the looks of it when I showed up, it looked as if ALL of Brooklyn was already there holding me DOWN! It HAD to be at least 4-500 strong in there sweating out their naturals & weaves! And of all racial background and neighborhoods too. GREAT look indeed. THANK YOU on behave of the Block Association and all parties involved, and we hope to see you at the events to come and our Black Fashion Month annual event "Fashion 500" (Sat. April 23rd). Here's some "BK love" pics I managed to take in between dancing.

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