Monday, March 21, 2011

"The 1-2 Punch!" -Get Punched This Friday!

I GOTTA respect these marketing dudes at Warner Bros. man! They're REALLY going hard for this new Zack Synder project called "Sucker Punch" that's being released in theaters nation wide Friday (really Thurs. night). Not only are there numerous banner/posters floating around town but just within the last week TWO new anime inspired trailers have hit the internet as well, as if you were STILL doubtful of getting a ticket! I was on the fence about seeing this, only after I heard that it has some musical scenes interjected into the story line. I was all like "Huh?" But now I'll admit I'm kinda curious to see how he pulls all of these genres together besides just visually. It's looking like it's going to be a "matrix of the mind" sorta a film. Zack has been selected to revive the Superman reboot along w/ the assistance of Christopher Nolan's writing team so ticket returns one this one is uber important (to the studio) to help reassure them that this is their dude. I'll review it soon and tell you if my predictions were true. Peep the art and ads in the meantime.

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