Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"First Things First iPoppa..." -A Tribute On The Eve Of March 9TH

Are you a die-hard Biggie fan, and you just CAN'T wait till March 9th? Well TONIGHT DJ Oso will be toasting the "Life after Death" of Christopher Wallace's music at the Amarchi Lounge (Franklin Ave. betwn. Green & Lexington) in the Heart of Bed-Stuy and it's absolutely FREE! Represent BK to the fullest and pull out those ol' Coogi sweaters you have in the back of your closet and them Versace shades w/ a Kangol on top, to embrace your inner "Frank White!"
Tues. March 8th
"iPoppa" -B.I.G. SALUTE
@Amarchi Lounge (Franklin Ave. betwn. Green & Lexington)
Music by DJ Oso
FREE admission all night
Twitter @djosomp3

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Anonymous said...

I'm getting old. Before I when I saw the picture of Biggie I thought he looked old for his age. Now when I look at Biggie he looks like such a baby.

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