Friday, March 18, 2011

"Bird, Bird, Bird, Angry Bird Is The Word!"- Tell 'em Why You Mad Son! Cluck You...

Now you damn well know that when ever anything is remotely popular (IE don't be shock this Spring to see "Winning" ala Charlie Sheen t-shirts about soon) folks involved are always looking to market (IE "cash in") on keeping in America's psyche (and wallet) Case in point, this "Angry Bird" phenom that's sweeping across the world and my iPhone...and my iTouch lately. I'd be the very 1st to admit that "YES I am an addict!" At baby showers, wakes...God bless the dead, gallery openings, bar mitzvahs, you name it! I constantly STAY pulling that sling shot back. R.I.P.'n that greedy green pork! I'm getting off track now, but what I wanted to give you is a heads up about is that not only are there plush toys coming out (or are they out already), t-shirts (mine is on back order) AND a damn cartoon are in the works! Saturday mornings will NEVER be the same! True be told after the Smurfs it NEVER was! Anyways on another note, a friend who was frustrated called me frantically wondering "Hey, I'm stuck on this level HOW do I get off?" I told her without the least bit of hesitation "Oh that's simple, just drop down and and get yo (Mighty) Eagle on girl!" But I don't think she got it. LOL. Slow chick probably somewhere STILL dancing! BONG!

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