Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Back On The Block!" -More Candid "Behind The Block" Meeting Photos

In order to plan things properly you HAVE to plan AHEAD first! So to ensure that you Spring/Summer is complete with solid quality events, the Block Association has 3hr. plus meeting (w/jokes & vice indulgence included) to make thangs HAPPEN! Me being ever ready with my camera (Canon T2I), I love to capture these candid moments of how diligently we are working at creating memories for not only the good people of Brooklyn, but for our LIVES too! Here's rare footage of us all present (with the exception of Ngozi Odita), working on upcoming projects such as this year's "ROCK & BOWL 2"(Mother's Day May 8th), "Fashion 500" our the grass roots push for Black Fashion Month to get recognized in April. The on going "Hello Brooklyn!" party @ Ultraviolet (that we exporting to Philly, DC, & Canada!) as well as a couple of other goodies down the pipeline. Get familiar w/ the Block via Facebook (theBlockRSVP@groups.facebook.com),
or Twitter (@theBlockAssoc),
the site (theBlockAssociation.carbonmade.com),
and the Gmail (TheBlockrsvp@gmail.com)
LOOK OUT FOR: "B.I.G Yo' Self Up!" the B.I.G. legacy tribute party March 12th at our every other Saturday party "Hello Brooklyn" located @ Ultraviolet! Enjoy the pics for now...

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