Monday, March 21, 2011

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.246)

Last Saturday (March 12th) our very last "Hello Brooklyn" party at Ultraviolet was to say the least BIG! Why? Cause no only did we have a HUGE turn-out for the B.I.G. tribute party, but also thanks to Shinuh Holt, Berry Boo, and (professional poker player) Storm Leroy, who all brought out Brooklyn's finest to help celebrate their individual birthdays! No lie, Ultraviolet was at capacity by 12:00am! AND there was a steady line till 2:00am (which was really 3am being that daylight savings time jumped ahead one hour)! Hate to rub it in but not only did you miss the best one we had there but also the chance to experience the venue itself cause that too was there very LAST event to be held over there. Sad right? Anyways BIG (pun intended) THANKS to Chelsea Dwinell (DJ James Blonde/UV manager) Deborah Smith (from UV), Hard Hittin' Harry, DJ Bing Notty, DJ Pudge, and the whole staff at Ultraviolet for helping us rock "BK to the fullest." Anyways for now enjoy what few pics I had the chance to take, and catch at the more mature laid back vibe Friday night spot we've started at Luke's Place (277 Cumberland & Lafayette) for the more fashionable social set. Ciao mein...

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Anonymous said...

Please list the phone number for this spot. We went here last week and had a ball and want to go for dinner/ chill tomorrow night for my friends b'day.

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